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This is a Round Robin tournament.  Each participant competes against every other participant in his or her division.


Each division will have at least two competitors but not more than 8.  Divisions may be combined by rank or age or gender to meet the minimum, or split to stay within the maximum number.


Form competition rules:

Forms will be scored on accuracy, power, control, technique, grace, and rhythm for the competitor’s rank.

Acceptable weapons used in forms are open to traditional arts but DO NOT include live or sharpened weapons.


Sparring competition rules:

Points will be awarded for strikes or indicated strikes.  Check diagram for contact and non-contact areas.

Light contact is allowed to chest, stomach, rib cage, back, and side of head.

No contact is allowed to face, top or back of head, spine or groin.  Points may be awarded for indicated strikes to these areas.


Techniques that are not allowed: (use of these techniques may result in warning, point reduction or disqualification)


Elbows that make contact

Knees that make contact

Sweeping the knee


Head butts

Finger jabs

Blind techniques

Take downs or throws



Mouthpiece, groin protector for males, and closed-toed foot and closed-finger hand gear are mandatory for sparring

Recommended sparring gear includes head gear, chest protector, and soft material (foam) shin/forearm guards. The tournament director is final arbiter of all disputes.


  • A Spectator cost of $5 is due at the door except for parents of registered competitors, and Judges. $3 for children 5+

  • Grand Championships - If you place 1st in your divisions, you are automatically entered into the Grand championship Division. This is held at the end of the tournament and you must be present to participate.


Empty Hand Forms

Div.        Age               Rank                           

F1           4-6               White - Yellow

F2           4-6               Color Belts

F3           7-12             White - Yellow

F4           7-12             Color Belts

F5           7-12             Red/Brown

F6           7-12             Black Belt

F7           13-17           White - Yellow

F8           13-17           Color Belts

F9           13-17           Red/Brown

F10         13-17           Black Belt

F11         18+              White - Yellow

F12         18+              Color Belts

F13         18+               Red/Brown

F14         18+               Black Belt


Grand champion Forms —1st place winners

1st place winners from F4-6, F8-10,F12-14



Div.        Age               Rank                 

W1         Junior           Color Belts

W2         Junior           Black Belt

W3         Adult            Color Belts

W4         Adult            Black Belt

B1        All Ages          Breaking Division

M1       McCuskey Cup form competition for instructors



Div.        Age               Rank                    .

S1           4-6              White - Yellow

S2           4-6              Color Belts

S3           7-8              White - Yellow

S4           7-8              Color Belts

S5           9-10            White - Yellow

S6           9-10            Color Belts

S7           11-13          White - Yellow

S8           11-13          Color Belts

S9           11-13          Red/Brown

S10         14-17          White - Yellow

S11         14-17          Color Belts

S12         14-17          Red/Brown

S13         Under 18     Black Belt

S14         Women       White - Yellow

S15        Women        Color Belts

S16        Women        Red/Brown

S17        Women        Black Belt

S18        Men             White - Yellow

S19        Men             Color Belts

S20        Men             Red/Brown

S21         Men            Black Belt – Under 165 pounds

S22         Men            Black Belt – Over 165 pounds


Grand champion Sparring —1st place winners

From each age group will combine and compete starting at S11 – S22