​"What an awesome addition to Nampa and the surrounding areas! My granddaughter is a 3rd degree Black Belt...Sterling is helping her with a Leadership program and to train for her 4th degree. It's great to see the little one's get so much positive reinforcement and the older one's too! Awesome program. My granddaughter's been studying taekwondo since 'o3...it's been super for her. Try it..you'll love it! The facility and instructors are the best, helpful and extremely supportive!" -Robin Moffit


​"So much fun working with all the Students and Parents. Watching everyone grow is so amazing and EVERYONE does such a great job. The values that are taught in class are important life skills and I'm glad to see everyone taking that home and applying it to everyday situations. Thank you guys for helping build such an amazing program :)" - Anonymous 


“You're awesome! Great charisma, ability, and enthusiasm! Thank YOU for all the good consistant energy! You are definitely doing what you are here to do!" -Chad Gold


“Our son has been training at TVT for about a month and a half, and he loves both instructors. Sterling and Tristen are amazing at what they do. I have seen Rey's confidence rise every day little by little. Thank you both!"
-Isabel Vergara


“Both instructors are amazing at what they do we learn so much and we all love going to class" -Laura Olivarez


​​My son absolutely loves taking classes from Mr. Crawford. He has learned so much about life. -Dan Thaden


Good place to learn taekwondo nice instructors -Maria Guadalupe Hernandez