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Parents and Students - In accordance with Governor Little’s 4 Stage approach to Idaho’s rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic (, we are excited to announce we are officially reopening TVT Martial Arts Academy Tuesday March 19th with the following:


Pick up and drop off only – We encourage families to drop-off and pick-up students for class at the front entrance. We will have an instructor present at to ensure safety and answer any questions you might have at the time.


Limited spectators - With the drop-off and pick-up policy, we are limiting the number of people in the studio to reduce possible exposure through June 26th. We are asking that if you do need to bring yourself or your child to class, you do not bring extended family members or friends. We would like to minimize occupancy as much as possible through all stages of reopening (through June 26th)


Temperature checks – We will be checking temperatures at the front entrance with a non-contact thermometer; if you have a fever temperature greater than 100.4° or symptoms are present, students and instructors should not enter the studio; if no fever, or symptoms are present, we require members and instructors to self-monitor and report onset of symptoms.


Social Distancing – We will be practicing all CDC social distancing guidelines while keeping students and spectators 6ft apart at all times. We will also have reduced seating spaced at 6ft.


Masks - Proper masks are encouraged for all members in the studio but not required at this time.


Cleaning and disinfecting - We will continue with our daily cleaning routine in following the CDC Guidelines to ensure a clean and safe training environment between each class. Marked areas with posters, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes will be available throughout the studio. We ask that members please take responsibility in staying sanitized before, during, and after class.

Please practice good hygiene and come to class with a clean Uniform every day.


Modified Classes - Through June 26th we will be reducing each class by 10 mins to allow proper time to disinfect and sanitize the work area for each group.


          •  Sparring Classes - Sparring and self-defense will be temporarily removed from our routine until June 26th. We do encourage                                              families to still practice at home with a weekly focus provided by the instructors.

          • Private Classes – These will still be available and will need to be scheduled with our sign-up sheet at the information table.

          • Daycare Classes – The Daycare facilities have the final say in whether we are able to return at this time or not. A majority have                                          elected to allow us in starting June 1st. If your daycare is not offering classes yet, we encourage you to join us                                        at the studio for the Little Kickers program until June 26th. Please contact Master Crawford at 208-562-7917 if                                         you have any questions on this.

Limited studio access 

In addition to the efforts to keeping the school in line with CDC recommendations. TVT will be limiting access to some areas of the Studio through June 26th.  Areas "off-limits" will be marked with yellow caution tape.


This includes:


• Kids Play Room

• Conference room

• Private training rooms

• Limited number of people in bathrooms

• Limited visitation before / after class


In addition to opening our studio, we understand there may be a few families who are uncomfortable jumping back into studio classes at the moment. To help ensure training opportunities, we have decided to still run our Zoom option for you to still participate while at home. To keep things simple for the instructors, we will be only running the schedule above so please log into zoom 5 minutes before class your starts so we can bow in on time. 

What Should You Do if You Think You—or Someone at the Studio—Was Exposed?

People who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and are experiencing flu-like symptoms—cough, fever, and shortness of breath—are encouraged to seek medical care immediately and avoid contact with others. In 90% of cases, early symptoms include a fever, and in 70% of cases a dry cough. See more recommendations from the CDC.


If you or a family member has been exposed to corona-virus, in most cases health authorities will trace that person’s contacts, and monitor or test anyone who may have been exposed. Health authorities will advise you on any precautions you—or your family—would need to take in that instance.


In Conclusion


We are thrilled to be part of our community and take pride in doing our best in following the Phase 2 - “Stay Healthy” guidelines released by the State ( This has definitely been an interesting time for most of us, but the support we show each other is overwhelming and I know we will be stronger having gone through this as a martial arts family. We love you guys and cannot wait to see everyone soon!


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to text us at: 208-562-7917 or


Please stay connected with us via Facebook and our Student /Parent Page for further announcements or updates regarding our program.



TVT Martial Arts Academy