Sterling Crawford 
Head Instructor

Sterling has been teaching Martial Arts for 16 years and has involved himself in many styles including Taekwondo, Okinawan Karate, Kempo, Aikido, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and Jiu Jitsu. He brings a high energy level to class that helps students relate to what is being taught, but at the same time maintaining a structured learning experience.


Sterling has held State Champion for Idaho in Taekwondo and continues to develop his knowledge and application of different martial arts styles, including pressure point fighting, and energetics.


- 4th Degree Black Belt (Traditional Taekwondo)

- 3rd Degree Black Belt (Ryukyu Kempo)

- 1st Degree Black Belt (American Taekwondo)


Kevin Anderson
Head Instructor 

Kevin Anderson has 50 years experience across multiple arts that led him to a professional career in National Kickboxing. His dedication towards students goes beyond just instruction, he is a true role model not only for students but in our community. 

- 10th Degree Black Belt (TAI Kung Fu)

- 9th Degree Black Belt (Goju Kyokai)


Rod Boslau
Head Instructor


Rod Boslau is beyond one of the most influential people in Martial Arts today. He goes beyond training the physical side of Martial Arts and dives deeply into the lesser know areas of establishing what many call perfection. He makes changes in all aspects of life leaving a wealth of knowledge with Students by exposing us to his vast experience of working directly under Ed Parker, Founder of American Kenpo.

- 10th Degree Black Belt (RyuKyu Kempo)


Robert Krone
Aikido Instructor 


Robert has been involved in the Martial Arts community for his entire life. His passion for self defense goes beyond most instructors and his experience shines through his ability to motivate and inspire students through a realistic and encouraging class structure.

- 6th Degree Black Belt (Aikido)


Larry Bearg 
Shinjimasu AMAI & Tai Chi - Head Instructor

I have been training and teaching in Martial Arts for over 35 years and have achieved many accomplishments along the way. I have found there are many benefits to those who practice Tai Chi and Qigong, of course,
unique to each individual.

My hope is to help you achieve your goals through personal training and attention to YOU.

- 9th Degree Black Belt (Tai Chi)