Choosing the right Martial Arts School in the Treasure Valley can seem like a tough decision. With so many schools and styles to choose from, how do you know which school is the right one? At Treasure Valley Taekwondo, we think it is very important that you make the most informed decision when making any commitment for yourself… or your children.


With that said… No other Martial Arts School in the Treasure Valley offers our Character Development Program …or… realistic and credible self-defense techniques that we offer. Many Martial Arts schools offer a “hard-core” fight training environment with commitment only to the most vicious and brutal aspects of the Martial Arts. This is extremely unfriendly and intimidating to beginners. We provide a family-friendly atmosphere, while honoring the integrity of Martial Arts training that provides a program that enables students to reach their goals.

We have developed the perfect balance to develop straight forward self-defense with a fun family friendly atmosphere that enables our students to succeed in and out of class.


At Treasure Valley Taekwondo, we have created a positive atmosphere of respect and an unwavering commitment to the realistic self-defense techniques, integrity and long standing history of the martial arts. This commitment is shared by our Certified Instructors, Parents and students alike.


A GREAT Martial Arts Instructor is essential for a students positive experience. Our Certified Martial Arts instructors are hand-picked for their passion, expertise, knowledge, patience, their ability to work with children and for their desire to teach the profound lessons of both martial arts… and life.


At Treasure Valley Taekwondo, our Instructors are extremely passionate to help you or your child learn and grow. We work with each student… on an individual level – assisting, encouraging and teaching the physical and mental techniques needed to excel, surpass personal limitations and rise above challenges. Our instructors are always available, eager to answer any questions and will be by you… or your child’s side… every step of the way.


Please take the time to browse our website and learn why Treasure Valley Taekwondo is considered “The best Martial Arts school in the Valley”. We encourage you to call us, stop by and sit down with Mr. and Mrs. Crawford and their staff to see firsthand what sets Treasure Valley Taekwondo apart from the rest.